Reserve Equipment

Reserve Equipment

Portable equipment may be checked out from Information Services’ audio visual equipment pool to support presentations, lectures or special projects. Requests for equipment should be planned in advance to assure availability. To RESERVE EQUIPMENT:

  1. Check the appropriate reservation calendar for availability.
  2. Send a message to Support Desk with your request.
  3. Pick-up and return is at the Information Services reception desk (suite 430).

Click on the CHECK AVAILABILITY BUTTON or reservation calendar link (below) to see current resrvations.

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Policy on Reserving Equipment:

Reservations should be made via an e-mail request to Support Desk.   Ongoing reservations are possible for repetitive scheduled events such as classes.  The reservation MUST be entered into the appropriate equipment calendar (Information Services conference – see Equipment Calendars).


  1. At checkout the appropriate form must be filled out by a member of the IS staff and signed by the recipient.  Equipment must be picked up at the receptionist desk in Information Services.
  2. Equipment must be returned to Information Services by 4 pm of the same day. Any extension to the same-day return requirement requires special arrangements. i.e.) faculty sponsored competitions requiring travel; training where faculty agrees to assume full responsibility.
  3. Upon return all items must be confirmed as returned before being signed off.  An Information Services staff member must sign off on the equipment return.
  4. The borrower is responsible for the return of equipment, and all components, in the same working condition as when picked up.  The borrower assumes responsibility for the safekeeping and working condition of loaned equipment. 

Conflict resolution:

Reservations take priority.  If someone needs a piece of equipment which is reserved, they have the option of talking the individual who has the equipment on reserve to see if that party will allow them to have their reservation.  This must be confirmed.

If a reservation exchange is acceptable to the original party, the RESERVATION CALENDAR AND CHECKOUT FORMS must be changed to reflect the new recipient.

  • Reserve Equipment List
    • Portable LCD projectors
    • Digital camcorders (mini DV & DVD)
    • Digital still camera
    • Large sound system
    • Small portable CD/tape player
    • Cassette tape recorder
    • Speaker phones