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Change and Synchronize GBS Passwords

Attention: This utility will synchronize your GBSNET, First Class and Facebook password.

Old GBSNET password
New password
Confirm new password

New GBSNET passwords must include:
  • 6 to 27 characters.
  • Characters from three of the following four categories.
    1. English uppercase letters (A to Z)
    2. English lowercase letters (a to z)
    3. Base 10 digits (0 through 9)
    4. Non-alphabetic/numeric characters (e.g., @, #, %, !)

Passwords cannot:

  • Be a word found in the dictionary.
  • Contain all or part of your user account name.
  • Be one of your three most recent GBSNET passwords.

Your password should be something that is easy for you to remember. Here are a few tips that can safeguard your password:
1) Never write your password down
2) Never give your password to anyone
3) Never tell anyone your password over the phone
4) Never include your password in an e-mail message. This includes the IT staff.