The COMPUSTAT (North America) Database contains financial data on North American companies. The database includes:

  • 10,000 actively traded U.S. companies
  • 11,000 inactive U.S. companies
  • 1,100 Canadian companies
  • 550 ADRs
  • 334 annual data items
  • 132 quarterly data items
  • 300 financial ratios including dividends, growth rates, profitability and relative market performance
  • 1,500 indices including S&P, Dow Jones and Russell
  • 20 years of annual data history (optional history available to 1950)
  • Up to 48 quarters of history (optional history available to 1962)
  • 20 years of monthly market data (optional history available to 1962)
  • Company name, address and officer information
  • Operating segment information
  • Economic industry sector data
  • Company business descriptions
  • Growth and Value indicator
  • Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS)

Data may be accessed in two ways:

  • Research Insight

    Research Insight is a 32-bit Windows software application, with easy-to-use wizard-like functionality, designed for screening our databases of North American and International companies and generating financial reports.

    The software leads you through screening the market for companies that meet key criteria, comparing companies against their peers and indices, and drilling down to examine a company's fundamentals in-depth creating custom reports and dynamic charts.

  • CCM

    See CRSP.

    The COMPUSTAT (Global) Database contains financial and market data on more than 13,000 international companies in more than 80 countries around the world. Including:

    • Detailed income statement, balance sheet and cash flow data
    • Preliminary and interim data
    • Industrial and financial services company formats
    • Up to 440 data items, ratios and concepts
    • Currency files with cross-translation tables on more than 110 currencies
    • Pricing on more than 90 local market indices
    • Economic forecasts and data
    • Company business descriptions
    • Up to 12 years of annual history
    • Monthly price histories and dividends
    • Footnotes to the accounts and detailed data definitions

    The data is available through Research Insight.