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I am Professor of Decision and Information Analysis in the Goizueta Business School at Emory University and Adjunct Professor of Psychology, and work closely with the Rollins School of Public Health.

I also hold an appointment of Research Scholar at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition which is a research and development group, partnering with DARPA, NASA, NSF, Navy, Army, NIMA, Air Force, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Nokia, Fujitsu, IDEO, Lockheed, Raytheon, and Boeing. It is directed by Dr. Ken Ford, a member of the National Science Board, the governing board of the National Science Foundation.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota in Information Systems from the Carlson School of Management, where I worked on a variety projects studying human expertise and computational applications, ranging from medical diagnosis, database design, pharmacy education, and chemical engineering knowledge management (on a project at MIT).



Grant from Carnegie Mellon's Carnegie Bosch Institute to study the context, leadership and scholarship underlying the development of A Behavioral Theory of the Firm (Richard Cyert, James March) at GSIA (now the Tepper School).

Grant from the National Science Foundation to examine the human and social dynamics of emergent coordinating structures and community continuity in disasters.

Grant from the National Science Foundation to model emotional reactions of groups of individuals to gossip.

Grant from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention to study impact and issues of implementing syndromic surveillance technology and processes.


My research focuses on a few topics, but much is centered around the study of expertise and acquisition of skill (such as negotiation), computational models of social systems (such as the role of trust, norms, gossip, deception, emotion, organizational learning, knowledge management), and how these can be integrated to examine issues in health care and health-related contexts.

Regarding health care,I have held adjunct positions at Johns Hopkins and Dartmouth Medical Schools. My research and consulting has been on modeling physician expertise (pediatric cardiology), determining unique algorithm for rheumatologic problems (such as Lyme's disease), organizational studies of hospital scheduling (case, simulation, algorithms), developed a business-nursing certificate program (Johns Hopkins), developed a model system for assessing pediatric hypertention, studied memory contexts of physicians in case recall, examined the role of M&M conferences (morbidity & mortality) in organizational learning (Johns Hopkins), and developed a coding scheme for describing diagnostic reasoning.

My current work in health care examines how information technology, organizations, and humans interact in creating situational awareness, coordination and control in emergency-disaster situations, within and across organizational bourndaries (e.g., businesses, state, and county entities). Key issues here are knoweldge management, organizational learning in rare environments, and adaptation under stress. See Ensayo & PHaB


Dartmouth College. My first academic position was at Dartmouth College, where I sharted time between the Graduate Program in Computer and Information Science and the Tuck School of Business. I was an adjunct faculty at the Dartmouth Medical School where I worked in medical decision making. One interesting project was the development of an expert system/clinical algorithm to help rural physicans manage patients with suspected Lyme's disease.

Johns Hopkins University.I was also department chair of Information and Telecommunications Systems in the (now renamed) Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University, and an adjunct faculty of the Johns Hopkins Medical School. Here I focused on developing links across campus to the sciences, such as our innovative Business of Nursing program.

Carnegie Mellon. I was a faculty member for many years at the Tepper School of Business (then called the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, GSIA) at Carnegie Mellon University. There I worked with many colleagues including Allen Newell and Herbert Simon (both now deceased), and still return regularly for projects with old friends. Recently, a group of us (Linda Argote, CMU; Dan Levinthal, Wharton; Mie Augier, Stanford University, Henrich Greve , Norwegian School of Management) ran a special conference at CMU honoring Richard Cyert and James March's A Behavioral Theory of the Firm. I also worked (and still work) with a colleague in the famous School of Drama in teaching business students and executives our model of acting (see Executives onStage, on the left). This open collaboration help influence the emergence of CMU's Entertainment Technology Center.



Xerox Research Chair, Carnegie Mellon University
Rank-Xerox Lectureship, Oxford University (Templeton)
Best Paper Award (HICSS)
John F. Mee Award (Academy of Management)
Bentley College/HEC Award (Academy of Management)
William H. Neuman Award Nominee (Academy of Management)








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I am a scuba diver and a former PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) diving instructor, which is an interesting leadership position in teaching a remarkably wide range of individuals how to stay alive under 20 meters of water... but have fun doing it!


Hockey is king in Minnesota and playing intramural hockey at the University of Minnesota is an intense experience. During those years, Herb Brooks coached the US hockey team's Miracle on Ice at the olympics. We followed many of these students from their freshman days on the ice to the Olympic medals. Both Men's and Women's teams are excellent.


I work with two universities in Mexico: ITESM in Monterrey (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey) and ITAM (Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México) in Mexico City.

My wife (Laura) is a senior analyst at the Veterans Administration. She earned her degree in computer engineering from ITESM and a Masters in Decision and Information Sciences from the Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida. We have two great kids (Sofia, age 9 and Andrew, age 5).

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