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Basic Security

Basic Security

A personal firewall is a security software application intended to protect your personal computer from malicious attack and intrusions by hackers and suspicious website by preventing your personal computer from communicating directly with computers external to the your local network and vice versa. This task is accomplished by the firewall program that investigate all network packets before they are delivered to or from any network, or dial-up system. Any attacks are discarded without any interruption to your desktop operating system or applications. Firewall is effective in protecting your computer from hackers taking control of your computer, from using your computer to lanuch an attack over the Internet, and from leaking personal information that is stored on your computer to hackers.

A personal firewall will protect your personal computer against network intrusion but it will not protect your personal computer against virus. You will need antivirus software.

Firewall is only for those with in depth knowledge on their computer and on networking. It is not intent for anyone. We do not provide any support on Firewall issue.

A number of companies make firewall products. Features include logging and reporting, automatic alarms at given thresholds of attack, and a graphical user interface for controlling the firewall. It is up to you to choose which firewall software you want to use but you must be familiar to that particular firewall software. Having an incorrect setting on your firewall will disable your ability to browse the Internet and check your email.

Warning and Disclaimer: Use firewall at your own risk. If you misconfigure your firewall, you may not be able to connect to the Internet or check your email. For your Internet access and email from home, please consult your ISP provider. We do not endorse or affiliate with any of the follow products and/or companies.

Here is a list of popular Firewall Products listed from most difficult to use to easiest to use based on our experience:

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